Thrift Store Finds/Kitchen Fabric


The weekend is already here.
After finishing up some work today, I plan to work more on:

1)The TV Cabinet.. Just waiting for the extra tile to come in.

2)Painting the found-on-the-side-of-the-road-lamp and my bed (there will be pictures in a couple days hopefully.)

3)Finish the kitchen painting!

-Regarding my previous post this week about Window Treatments for Kitchen and Sewing Room, I decided to use the Vintage Fern Curtains in the sewing room after all and bought some Clearance Sale Marimekko Fabric for the kitchen windows. The floral designs are big..the repeat is a nice size, so hopefully this one will work:

It has all the accent colors I want, so I was excited to find it.

Two Thrift Store Finds from last weekend:

1) This is a neat little curio/book shelf...i like the tiers and the graduated and round-edged shelving ($12). Needs a little work, mainly paint, but super solid:


2) Night Stand with huge book storage drawers ($10). The veneering is really only damaged on the front edging, which can be easily replaced, if the rest is easy to remove. The rest of the veneer is in decent condition and I think will only need a light sand and a stain plus diluted satin varnish/poly mix to even out the wood tones and add a little seal to it:

I think this one will be so beautiful once its refurbished.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. :)



Jennifer said...

I was just thinking last night of having my boyfriend's dad make me a bookshelf very similar to the one you got. I really like the tiered style of it. Your house is coming together so nicely. I love reading about the progress.

Elizabeth said...

awesome fabric find for the kitchen - it's going to look really great! Can't wait to see the room once it's finished.

day-lab Blog said...

JENNIFER-it really would be pretty easy to make. you should get one made!

i love the tiered style too. there are some end table that look like half of this shelf-flat back with the same teired/graduating shelves. they would be soooo functional as end table.

and thank you, i am glad you are enjoying the progress posts.

ELIZABETH-I like the fabric so far too, hope i like just as much once it comes in.. :)

hopefully, the kitchen will be done by mid next week!