4th of July Project


I decided to work today, even though the post office was closed and it was a holiday.
After some packaging I worked some more on the TV Hiding Cabinet for the Living Room (I may finally be getting a couch really really soon, so this room needs attention).

This cabinet was in my daughter's room for years, but I needed something that would hide the TV in the Living Room..so, I took it and gave her the nice chrome utility cart that used to be in the kitchen. She didn't seem to mind too much.

It's an inexpensive piece of furniture that I bought several years ago as bare wood. When I got it, I just slapped one coat of poly on it and that was that.

I went with white paint b/c I happen to have some of it on hand, and I hate to see paint go to waste.

Before and After sanding, and priming, painting the body, doors and drawers:


I decided to use the mosaic tiles that I bought to make end tables on this instead, I have found a few end tables recently at Estates/Garage Sales, so I figured it would be o.k...

One of the doors primed only, and trying out the tiles:


Tiles right after applying the adhesive:


With some of the paper backing off:


So, I will wait 48 hours or so, get the rest of the paper backing off, apply some gray grout, and the doors will be ready to hang.

I bought some Bakelite handles for the doors, and will probably do chrome/nickel for drawers. The handles haven't come in yet though, and all of the sudden I am noticing they look very different from each other in the picture. I hope they are actually a pair..and that is just a fluke in the picture:


Hope you all had a nice 4th of July!

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