Window Treatments/Fabric Dilemmas


I am having some fabric/window treatment issues in 3 rooms. Bare with me..I will try to explain in short. Would love your opinions too!

First, I bought this fabric to use in the making of two window treatments of the new and improved sewing room:


It is very pretty and I love the colors, but I am on a tight budget and I can't put any more moola into that project. The fabric was sewn together with some old gray fabric I had and the plan was to make it half panels, only covering the lower sashes for privacy leaving the top uncovered and open to light).

Not done with it yet, but even with the lining, I think they are too thin and the small design/repeat of the design bothers me (i had imagined the design huge, not at all like it actually was when it got here):


I found two vintage panels (they look 1960's/70's or newer to me) not long ago and picked them up for a low price. I knew I could use the fabric for something.

I am in love with the design a lot:


So, I thought I could maybe use it in the sewing room:


*side note: AND, it is long enough so that after i trim it to fit the windows, I will have enough to hopefully recover this lamp shade for this fantastic lamp base i found on the side of the road last week. Seeing them all together like that, I think the lamp needs to be painted the sandy beige gold color from the fabric:


So, then there is the kitchen, which is getting some paint currently. I love the Jadite Kitchen Green color from the 30's..40's..into the 50's and decided to go with that as the primary color...with the accents being white, dark red, yellow, darker shades of green..chrome or nickel accents. I have been having a hard time finding fabric or window coverings I like for this room.

A couple of examples of the basic color scheme/Jadite color I had in mind and the kitchen in progress:


Enameled Porcelain top table with dark red edge and legs recently repainted, which will go in the breakfast nook area:


All the elements, wall color(this is the first wall coat only, so it will be darker), cabinet faces and hardware, canisters and pulls, chairs which will have dark red upholstered seats, table, white paneling..etc with the drapes:


The drapes are not 1930's/40's, but I like the mix I think..the older color scheme mixing with the mid century ferns is kind of neat.

But, does it blend well? Does the lack of red in the drapes mess it up?

I do love the darker shades of green with the Jadeite green of the walls definitely though.


Elizabeth said...

I think everything blends super well, but if you want some red in the drapes you could sew a red band on the bottom and/or top to tie it in. But I love the drapes in the sewing room - do you have enough fabric to do drapes for both rooms? If not I say put them in the sewing room and find something else for the kitchen.

Just recently picked up a vintage enamel topped table myself - aren't they great?

day-lab Blog said...

yes, sewing some red fabric in is kinda what i was thinking would work. and i have 2 panels...about 45" x 90ish" so not enough for both rooms, but you are right--they do look nice in the sewing room against all the white.

and ferns aren't very kitcheny, you know? i will think about it and keep looking..i just love the design so much i wish they could go up in a room that i am in often (like the kitchen), so i can see them often.

and yes! i love enamel top tables. i am always on the lookout for the ones in good condition (i come across so many so many that are beyond repair). :)

and thanks for the input!


design that kills said...

that deer lamp is amazing! is that a vintage find as well?

day-lab Blog said...

ah, the deer lamp. :)

yes, it is absolutely my favorite and it is a vintage find.

i think it may be a Phil-Mar b/c their deer/gazelles all have the same look. the standing deer lamp has the same body and face as my Phil-Mar TV LAMP:

Emily said...

I think your kitchen is a triumph and I couldn't agree with you more about the depressing prevalence of granite countertops! I have wood cabinets that I'm thinking of painting too...Was it hard? Any special prep or do you just throw the paint on? (Wishful thinking...)

Emily said...

ah, never mind! i just consulted your d.i.y. site and got all the painting info. thanks! seems entirely doable and worth it.

I enjoy your blog. Gorgeous Louisiana! Thanks!