Chicot etc.


My friend Kristen and I went to Chicot State Park for a night and stayed in a cabin on the water. It was deserted aside from the rangers and we almost had the entire place to ourselves. It was nice. I would really like to go back in a couple of months when it's cooler.

Cabin on the water

I befriended an alligator...

And some Crows..

We went canoeing and took pictures..

We hiked from the new Louisiana Arboretum Lodge to the old one.
It had been raining and the mosquitoes were running amuck.
I called in a Barred Owl who followed us for part of the hike, calling back and forth along the way.

Cypress knees and Cardinal Flower:

An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (female light phase)


Favorites blooming in the yard the past few weeks are definitely the Turk's Cap...

And the Hurricane Lily (AKA Red Spider Lily)...


It's starting to get a tiny bit cooler..finally.

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