Sweet Darlin'

William, Mutt, Penelope from Amy Shutt on Vimeo.


Music: Sweet Darlin' by She & Him

These kittens were born in May 2009.
Their mom is feral.
William and Mutt are males and Penelope is female.

I have been working to socialize them for the past couple of months and they are doing super well so far. I believe they will all make wonderful inside pets; as they all have very sweet and loving dispositions.

They are scheduled (along with their feral mom cat) to be spayed/neutered through the Cat Haven Ferals program in October 2009. Then they will be ready to go to new homes!

If anyone in the Baton Rouge area is interested in providing any or all of the kittens with a really really good loving home (to be kept as inside cats only please) contact me at: aubelandfils@yahoo.com with 'Feral Kittens' as the subject.

Please spread the word by emailing anyone you think would be interested this link:

And Thanks!

Amy Shutt

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Daniel said...

love the She & Him, adorable video. I wish I could take one!