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I just happened upon an article article from July 09 in the San Antonio newspaper with me in it, which is pretty neat. I was never told the interview/q&a became a story. :)

The article:

Let's Get Personal

From top to bottom, let creativity flow in the bedroom. Crown molding, an upholstered headboard and assorted framed memorabilia set the stage

By Nina Yun
CTW Features

For many of us, the bedroom is more than just a room. It's our retreat. But with tough economic times, most of us won't be able to sleep so well if we have to hire a professional. According to Amy Shutt, owner of Day-Lab, a Baton Rouge, La.-based vintage accessories and gifts store, you can be your own professional.

"There is a tribe of people who enjoy taking such projects on, who really want to learn how to do X, Y and Z," she explains. "These people feel they can do it and do it right. And if you fall into that category, even if you have never really started a DIY project, I think it is worth it to go ahead and try. You will have a greater appreciation of the end result and you will know it was done well and done right."

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