Progress Outdoors


I am on a roll this past week/weekend.
Saturday I spent the majority of the daylight hours cleaning up the front yard (most of it still a mess from Hurricane Gustav) and started in the back yard...

-While clearing lots of rattlesnake weed under the Magnolia I ended up taking up 62 of the overcrowded Walking Irises and transplanting them throughout the yard:

-I divided and transplanted a huge potbound group of mystery Irises:

-Transplanted quite a few Ferns:

-Canna is coming up:

-Jack in the Pulpit just started putting out huge green leaves:

-Freesia is about to bloom:

-Trillium is blooming:


Just a few more Saturdays and the yard should be all back in order and ready for Spring...

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CoolStuffForDads.com said...

Wow! Wish we had your energy. We need to spend some time outside to get ready for Spring. It's been a little cold so have been putting it off. Plants need some more trimming, and there is some clean up from some left over leaves from the Fall. Great blog!!