Insomnia + The Golden Girls


I have a little insomnia thing happening this week.
No point in trying to fight it anymore..

I'm getting hooked on late night reruns of The Golden Girls.


Also this week....

-Woke up crazy early and worked worked worked until late.
So much left to do...tomorrow through Friday are going to be 16 hour days.

-I bought M Ward's new Hold Time today.

I love it.

-Last February I started reading

The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
by David Shields

and when I reached the chapter Adulthood and Middle Age: Decline and Fall (iii) I read a few paragraphs and I had to stop and just put it away. It just wasn't the best time for me to be reading it I suppose.

I just got it back out yesterday and I'm almost done.
It's just so good..
That David Shields is kinda brilliant.

The estimated quote to have one of my Charley Harper prints framed was $200 to $300, which is absolutely impossible and kind of ridiculous.

I went to two online stores, where I know to go to buy supplies to custom frame, and punched in my measurements and loaded the cart full of everything I would need:

-custom cut archival matting (4 ply), archival backing, UV protecting scratch resistant acrylite, archival linen tape, custom frame etc...

-store #1 the total was $130
-store #2 the total was $90

I went with the $90 option to see how it works out.
I am really hoping it works out just perfectly.

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