Painting Finally Done + More....

Progress finally...

The painting in the Living Room is finally done.
All I have left is one more coat around the trim on the double doors and windows.
No more Easter egg blue. I went with the same gray in my bedroom. The blue was too much and I hated being in there...but now, with the gray, it's pretty relaxing (I even fell asleep on the couch after putting up the last of the paint).

A disorganized peak. There is still a lot of work left in this room like, some kind of bookshelving, lamps, lots of prints that need to be framed, pillows, a new wood coffee table, window treatments for the double doors etc. etc. And I hate to say it but I really am thinking about selling this couch and getting something else sometime in the next few months:


I have so many photographs and prints to get framed. The most important group are four original Ford Times Charley Harper hand screened (by Harper) serigraphs that I desperately need to get framed for this room. I'm stuck b/c I can't afford professional framing right now and I am kind of scared to do it myself. But I really really need to get them done and up. They need to be protected behind archival matting and UV-blocking glass, not sitting between cardboard pieces in a closet. I wonder how much I could save by ordering the parts to size and putting them together myself, like students would do in the photo department for shows:


Also, since Gray can leap onto anything from the ground all Bionic Woman like, I am now thinking I may need a glass door book cabinet for my breakable pottery, ceramics. She broke one a few months ago after leaping up onto the mantle.

I flipped through an IKEA this morning...
Would love open floor to ceiling like this...

And then there are lots of glass door options:


Two photographs I found on Apartment Therapy last week..
I love the couch:

And these bookcases:

Oh, and yesterday I finally put together a little 4 part cubby hole piece for my daughter's room (to hold her growing record collection). It worked out perfectly under the window and I would kinda love one for the books littering the floor under the window in my room..


I am about to tackle the yard, starting in the front b/c I know my neighbors are just loving the 6" weeds that have taken over the lawn....


jess@thehomebound said...

You may still be working on the space, but I little it is fantastic. Your couch is amazing and the floor plan is really working. I do like what you have planned for it.

nath said...

So industrious! You make me want to pick up a paintbrush! It all looks lovely. I especially love the record-holding cubby holes.

I have so so many things that need framing, the pile never seems to dwindle.

Can't wait to see more!


Sally said...

Wow, that sofa is gorgeous. Did the fine folks at Apartment Therapy ever identify it? I went through the last 30 pages on the site but didn't find that picture.

fromtherightbank said...

The room looks great and I love that sofa, too. I'm really enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get that Crosley record player? Is it vintage or new?

Is it red on the top of the cover?

day-lab Blog said...

I bought the Crosley at Amazon.com and it is new (replica of a vintage model).