day-lab.com Update!


I got electricity back last night, after workers worked from 8 to 4 reapiring the transformers, downed lines, and not-to-code old electric boxes on houses) etc. on my street.

I still do not have cable (internet) and I am not sure when they will send someone out to put my line back up (which was taken down by a tree).

I made it to a friend's today (who has electricity and cable) and printed all orders and shipping labels up to September 4th. I will be concentrating on getting these orders out today, tomorrow and Friday. Saturday I plan to print the rest and get those out by Monday, which should then catch me up.

Thank you for your continued patience and support!



jessica burkart said...

hi there amy,
read your blog every day and have never commented and thought this is a good place to start. i feel your pain of no electricity. a year ago we had a horrible storm in chicago and my power was down for three days. and it was hot.
hope everything comes back soon!!!!

Kim said...

amy,,, glad to hear you're doing alright.
thinking about you and lo