Amy/day-lab Update!

Hello All!

It's Amy and I am sitting at one of the coffee shops that is open in town, since Gustav hit on Monday. It's a mess here to say the least. I have no electricity, and don't plan on being hooked back up for 14 to 21 days. I have several trees down on my street, including some in my yard. A Red Oak and huge pieces of a Pecan tree are stacked 10 to 15 feet in my driveway blocking my garage, which is currently housing my trapped car (so, I have been stranded).

I have never been so happy to see men with chainsaws walking down the street. And I am eternally grateful to my lovely neighbors for helping me with debris removal and allowing me to hook up to their generator which provides us with a lamp, phone charger, and fan for the very hot nights. We have come out of this very lucky and very appreciative.

This is my first connection to the internet in a week. I have marked off orders but will be unable to print shipping labels until I have access to a printer. But don't worry, shipping will be delayed, but I do think I will be able to swing a major shipment by the end of this week!

Orders can still be accepted (and they are greatly appreciated and encouraged during this time). Please keep in mind, however, that shipping will be delayed. I am doing everything I can to get day-lab back to its functioning self ASAP! I do appreciate your support and patience during this time! :)

I will be in touch again as soon as I can be, and in the meantime I will be packaging the orders I have received thus far during the daylight hours and hoping to get them all out to you very soon!

Take care~



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Jennifer Park said...

I hope you, your daughter and your animals all stay safe and well. keep us posted, please! xox