On Guard...


A new (and much needed by both of us) nightly ritual with Sufjan Bobcat is waiting for the raccoons. Since he is outside during the day, and I only briefly get to see him in the mornings (and he seems to thrive on attention, unlike all the other cats) I have been trying to spend some time with him in the evenings.

Around 6:30 or 7 I meet him outside and he seems to be in the night-crazy mode. He bats at the golden rod and runs and hides behind blades of iris and meows till I find him...and when I do he bolts across the yard just to start the whole game over again.

At around 7:30 when he sees me putting the food and water bowls out for the raccoon pack he runs to the porch and into my lap, quickly dozing off as he patiently waits for the sun to set, at which point he situates himself on the bottom step of the porch. He stays there watching, on guard, as the raccoon pack appears one by one until I decide to go inside.

Some clips from this evening.
(And yes, those are my polar bear pajamas pants..)
MUSIC: Sufjan Stevens

Waiting for the Raccoons from Amy on Vimeo.

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