Farrah's Kittens!


I still haven't been able to get a good view of Farrah's kittens. Today, however, there was a storm so I knew they would be under the house. After the rain stopped I brought some watered down cat food to the opening by the AC unit that I often see Farrah come and go from, and took a seat. Within a minute the little ones pounced out, totally surprised to see me, a stranger, and pounced right back under the house. After they watched me for a couple of minutes they slowly came back out to get some dinner with their mom.

They all look a little rough b/c of the rain and mud from the storm, and I do hope that is what is on the little buff kitten's head. This one has me concerned. He looks so fragile and has such a hard time trying to get to the food (and his ear looks possibly infected). The gray kitten looks healthy and like a tough pint sized version of Farrah and in noticing her marbled coat, I am convinced the father is the long haired marbled cat who was with Farrah often when she first starting coming around:


The light was too low and they moved too fast for any good still pictures.
But here is a short clip after the storm:

Farrah's New Kittens from Amy on Vimeo.

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