New Project: Couch + Fabrics


Last furniture update I was in search for the couch fabric. I was (am) having a hard time finding the 5 yards of just a simple gray canvas/heavy tweed or a black/gray/white nubby weave. When browsing online I had saved several pictures of couches/chairs with fabrics I liked, but still couldn't find much outside of the Knoll Textiles (which are absolutely wonderful, but out of my price range for the most part).

I am trying to base all decisions for fabric from the two refinished 1970s chairs (which feature the black/white Marimekko fabric), in hopes that all the pieces will mesh well if need be:


A couple of the bookmarked fabric pictures I found and saved, hoping to come across something similar:


Well today I happened to find some old discontinued clearance upholstery fabric not only in solid gray (both light and dark gray), but also the exact black/gray/white nubby weave. These were only $4.00 a yard, and I bought all of the 5 yards of the dark gray that was left and all of the 2.6 yards of the nubby weave that was left:

There unfortunately isn't enough of the nubby weave for the couch so it's between the darker and lighter gray for that, but I do still have a lot of chairs that need reupholstering.

There is the lounge chair with its original brown nubby cushions, that I would like to replace:


There are these two chairs from a garage sale last year: a nice captain's chair, and a Eero Saarinen executive chair:


I am leaning towards the Eero Saarinen for this nubby weave fabric:



Pencils said...

What kind of a couch is it? Could you upholster the seat cushions in the nubby weave fabric and the rest in one of the others? Might look interesting. If there's nubby weave left over, make it into throw pillows.

Mia said...

A Saarinen chair at a garage sale - shat a find!