Within 2 days of time the kittens have gone crazy. I know it's just their age and they are curious and want to play 24 hours a day, but it makes me nervous for their safety. They still stay under the house for the majority of the day but twice today (it's not even noon) I caught them traipsing through the flowers in the backyard. Also, they have been enjoying climbing and hanging all over the pipes under the house, which I can definitely hear from inside. And they won't leave poor Farrah alone, even while she sleeps.

I think they may both be boys. The gray one is much more wild and funny and rambunctious, while the buff one is tiny and cautious and reserved, a bit more of an observer too.

After feeding them this morning, Farrah went back under the house to nap and I decided to babysit the little ones and give her a break, if they would allow me to. They were cautious at first and it took them a little while b/f they started to feel comfortable, but once they started playing, they didn't want to stop...and I think they had fun.

If I have time this weekend, I want to build them a mini tether ball set up (they would be so good at it).

Babysitting the Kittens from Amy on Vimeo.

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E.A.T. said...

Thank you for posting this, Amy. The kittens are too sweet, and the She & Him song makes it perfect -- I couldn't stop smiling!