Weekend Activities


A beautiful weekend, and actually pretty hot...


Yard work and planting stuff has been posted over at the Garden Journal:

Inside the house, I have been busy with re-organizing the day-lab work/stock room, which is becoming a frustrating endeavor (more on that later).It has to get done and done right this time around so, I am trying to figure out the most cost efficient, but also the most functional, idea for storage. Pretty overwhelming..

In all this rearranging, a lot of furniture had to be moved around again. Things that were suppose to be temporary are no longer so.

For instance..the sewing table, which has moved three times thus far, is now permanently parked in the Living Room:

Which isn't horrible, but I was hoping to get a bookcase in that location, so I need to come up with something else for that.

I picked up a pitiful Hydrangea that was in a pot way too small (which was covered in some horrible Spring themed and apparently "festive" foil wrap). It was knocked over on the ground. I hate when I see plants like that at Nurseries, and always wonder why no one bothers to pick them up and set them up straight. Feeling sorry for it, I brought it home and re-potted it in an appropriate sized pot.

The day we got it:

I had some potting soil with a high acidity level to plant it in...and, as Hydrangeas tend to do when in acidic soil, it has turned the most beautiful blue:


Lots of work today...
Back to it.

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alexis said...

Well, despite your workroom complications, I appreciate the recent speedy delivery that you gave me! Wishing you much love and inspiration!

- A