Secret Arbors...


I usually try to avoid holidays (yes, I admit it), much to the disapproval of many. This past Easter weekend, I wasn't just avoiding though, I really was very busy with work and home (it doesn't take much to get a day or more behind these days).

When Sunday rolled around I took the earlier part of the day for myself and decided to spend it outside. I was home alone anyway while my daughter was off enjoying an Easter-festivity-alternative at her Aunt's house. While there is always work to do in the yard, I just wanted to enjoy the yard..not actually work in the yard for once. So, I piddled away through the yard, trying to convince myself I was enjoying not working, as I investigated new growth from a bulb or pulled the stray choking-vine-weed from the little spiderwort every so often.

I noticed, after walking through the yard a few times, that the whole letting-the-wildflowers-grow-in-lieu-of-mowing-them-down plan has been a pretty interesting experience...something I have been actually enjoying a lot in the yard. Everyday there is something new popping up or some change taking place in the flowers already out there. Also, I enjoy having them mixed among some of the spring blooming bulbs that I planted this past fall. All the little butterflies, bees, and tiny bugs are around a lot more often, feeding, which is really nice also.


Of course my enjoying-not-working time didn't last too long (maybe an hour). In noticing a little pocket of sunlight streaming down in the brush, which fell onto the ivy covering the ground right in front of a vine covered Camellia with light pink blooms, I thought a little arbor might be nice. A vine covered arbor with a bird bath..and maybe some tiny bird feeders and twig bird houses too...hanging from all the brush within.

So, I started clearing out the dead branches, overgrown vines, and a few of the 10,000 Ligustrum saplings around the yard. Then, I started on the bird arbor entrance, which will be flanked by my shade garden (that hasn't been started yet because I am still waiting on the bare-roots and bulbs to arrive). Maybe the anxious waiting is what caused the whole arbor making idea in the first place...

I am on the lookout for the bird bath, but no luck just yet...


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