Colors and Boxes...


We decided we liked the little sample rug (from my post last week)...and ordered a big version of it for under the coffee table. I tried solid, I tried patterned..but in the end, I just liked the color block the best.

It looks like a macro shot of a section of the tile on the coffee table:


The other day my daughter and I noticed that one of the black and white Tulip bulbs we planted in the sunny area bloomed. Only, it isn't black or white at all...but a dark blood red! My daughter took this picture of me moments after we found the red Tulip...bewilderment:

Curious to see how the others come up now, color-wise.

The beautiful Muscari I randomly planted in a few patches along the sides of the pathway to the lake seem to be multiplying by the dozens daily (which they aren't but boy they came up fast). They are my favorite right now:


I started a little progress and documenting Garden Journal. Basically, it's just a place where I can record bloom dates, planting dates, other gardening activities etc.
So, for those of you who may be into that kind of thing:


DeerDominique said...

The red tulip shot is gorgeous.

Shay said...

I'm very fond of muscari in the "wild spots" around the house and garage, just because they do multiply so beautifully.

Nice trick that tulip played; wonder what the horticultural explanation is!