Cats, Birds, and Baby Pirates


Good things this week...

The lake has been a beautiful and chilly place to have breakfast in the morning before Lo has to go to school.


Instead of spying on us from the Living Room (with one eye still behind the doorway) while we are out on the back porch , Cleo has actually been joining us out on the back porch more often:


Pearl is getting bigger and is becoming a very sweet and affectionate young lady cat...


Minou is getting smaller (I think) and remains a tolerant and patient cat...


We put up a tree, something we haven't done in years.
We are doing a Birds, Baby Pirates and Tiny Elves theme (this was realized after we were done).

We started with some vintage ornaments of wood and resin that we had on hand and added some new colorful embossed birds, new silver dangle icicles, and fake foam birds...

And finished it up with some tiny lights and a big bird tree topper..

It's the best tacky I have seen in a long long time. :)

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