Coles Phillips


I was looking for old 1940/50s RCA Televisions and stumbled across this print at an antique website:

And I wish I could find a larger/better image of it..but even at this size and poor quality I loved it enough to look up the artist Coles Phillips. This particular image was one of his Fadeaway Girls.

From www.illustration-house.com:
"The Fadeaway Girl was the particular hallmark of COLES PHILLIPS (1880-1927). Phillips pictured fashionable young women, using the device of tying the figure into the background by either color, value or pattern. This approach produced an intriguing poster-like effect of great simplicity, yet it was based on the most careful preliminary planning of shapes to carry out the illusion of the full figure."


His other illustrations I have found, that weren't in his fadeaway style, are equally as fantastic:


I think some of these would work really well with some of the 1920s/30s sheet music covers I have been collecting to frame for my room, which I will have to photograph and post soon.

O.K., back to work for me.



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Drewzel said...

I agree with you, they're all lovely! I must go through my old magazine collection and see if I have any Coles Phillips covers.