Garden Progress...

This chair on the brick patio is my new favorite spot. I like this spot because I see every part of the yard just right from it. This week in the mornings, I sit out here while I have my coffee and spend time with Cleo. At the end of the week I sit here and map out what yard work I need to do over the weekend.


The view to my right fron this spot: the path on the side of the house to the front of the house with the screen porch and screen bed to the left.


The view to my left: the long narrow yard to the lake, with side "forests" that act as privacy fences:

The view directly in front of me: the Magnolia Bed (not pictured), the Garage Bed, the Screen Porch Bed.

So, these two beds (Garage and Screen Porch) are the subjects of yard work soon to take place.

To refresh memories, here is the old labeled diagram of the backyard:


The previously posted BEFORE photo of the Garage Bed from the Back Yard Ivy Madness post. The ivy killed the Camellia on the left.


This week, I moved the ferns that were getting sun burned to underneath the Camellia on the right and to some pots near the back porch in the shade. I also added some new plants and bulbs, finished cleaning up the old stepping stones/brick border and reshaping the monkey grass:


more soon...

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