Cleo is Fat


I am sure you all remember Cleo the stray declawed cat we found at Home Depot, who was so skinny it made you cry to look at her. This is from the night we found her and brought her home:

She was skinny, weak, cried all the time, and had a skin condition, so her coat was missing in some places and it was just awful.

Well, she is still with us, and yesterday while I was watering the back yard plants I noticed she can catch lizards with her clawless little paws and succeeds in killing and eating them in about 1 minute flat. I was impressed. I also noticed what a beauty she has become, and healthy and happy. She runs and jumps and hunts...and is the sweetest cat ever. These are from today:

This is her favorite place to look for lizards:



I want to make her an inside cat, but she and Minou do not get along. They have been better this week though, so maybe soon they will bury the hatchet. She still is really good about not leaving the yard and I lock her up on the back porch at 5:30 pm b/f it gets dark and all the opossums and raccoons come out.



stuffed said...

She looks amazing. :0)

Cranky Grandma said...

How sweet of you to step in!

michelle said...

just randomly reading your blog and omg, you should feel sooooo proud for saving this little mama's life! i was heartbroken looking at her old photos . you did a good thing. your whole family did a good thing. =)