CDV+Vintage Coats and Dresses


My newest CDV (found for $2.00). I love it because she is probably just over 1 or 2, and she has the most intense eyes. She reminded me of someone, and last night I think I figured it out...a young Thora Birch:


I have been scanning all my 1940 to 1960s catalogs looking for this style of coat I have in my mind...kind of a mix of a tent style/Dolman sleeves....in a boucle wool..nubby but tweed like wool sort of, in green or dark red. I found things similar, but not exact:


I am also in love with this specific style of dress lately. The first one with the scalloped neck and pockets is so wonderful. If I can't find one, I might try to find someone who could make me one (these are from 1944):



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