Confederate Roses + Pearl Purse + Lake Nook


My confederate roses have been blooming like crazy.

They start off white and change throughout the day to a deep pink.

7 a.m.

1 p.m.

(Didn't take an evening picture, it was too dark)

7 a.m. the following morning:


Today, in the car, stuck in Friday traffic.
Pearl made a little bed out of my purse.

Sleeping, just waking up, and fully awake.

I just adore her.

I carved out a little nook for a chair by the lake, so that Pearl and I could watch the turtles, ducks, egrets, fishing birds, in the mornings while I have my coffee...and I am forever mesmerized by the Elephant Ears moving about...they make the most strange and relaxing noise in the wind. I love it.

And, a not so great quality, silent moving picture movie of the surroundings of the lake nook from my little digital camera.



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stuffed said...

Pearl is adorable. Love the flora pix.