Buried Turtle + Minou's Diet


Today, I was digging in the front yard and about 3" to 4" down I found a very round clump. To my surprise, it was a beautiful baby Yellowbelly Slider (which may explain the couple of adult sliders I found in the yard/street over summer). Perhaps this is one of the hatchlings. The area was completely covered with an overgrown Lantana until this week, so it would have been a prime place to lay eggs.

I also found a leathery little egg (I think) which i reburied.

I thought it was a fake turtle at first, the color of the eyes and shell were too beautiful and I had recently found a little fake buried frog near this area.

I released him into the lake, but now I think I maybe should have kept him a bit and fattened him up, because he was so tiny and there are a lot of predators out there in the lake.

I am also kind of scared to dig around that bed right now. Maybe there are more and I don't want to accidentally hurt or kill one. Maybe I should try to find them though, because they are a long way from the lake and probably won't be able to find it on their own once they decide to leave the nest.

Speaking of fattening up animals. Minou has been put on a diet. She is eating a special food and has already dropped a bit of weight. She is still lazy ol' Minou though, and slept most of the day outside under the trees near the bed I was working on:



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