Bailey, Pooka, Garden Progress


Today I was finally able to take Bailey's ashes home. The cremation company puts the ashes in some not so nice wooden boxes (see photo below), but I have been waiting till the time came when I could get both Pooka, my other dog who died a few years ago, and Bailey proper urns. So, now I look forward to saving up for that, and also for their silhouettes, that I posted about earlier, which I am so so eager to get made..hopefully very soon.

I still miss her every day so so much.

Also, this afternoon, after work and after the sun went down a bit I continued the work on the front yard from this past weekend.

Some progress photos from the area that my daughter and I call the Bird Sanctuary:

Before, which I posted about HERE, which was an overgrown mess:


After some cleaning up, photo taken from the other side:


And this weekend, I planted some Lilyturf on the outside of the area, b/c we have quite a bit around the house.
It will look like this when in bloom:

And I put some containers of the Lilyturf and Blood Flower out there as well. My Blood Flower hasn't bloomed yet, but is still beautiful:

And it will look like this according to the internets when it does:


So, here is the Bird Sanctuary as of today:

Now, I need to:
-finish the edging around the Lilyturf on the outermost part
-put some kind of ground cover around the smaller trees (something like ferns)
-cut back the Lantana/Azaleato the right of the walkway.

The Lantana flowers are blooming like crazy right now (and so pretty) and bring so many butterflies.

But, eventually after that is cleaned up, we would like to put in a bench...more containers, another bath etc.

My other container plants in the porch area are doing well.

This Hibiscus is going on its 3rd summer with me. This morning I woke up to several of its flowers in full bloom:


The mums:


So tired. The summer sun is incredibly draining...can't wait till October.



stuffed said...

Lovely garden pix. Well done. :0)

I'm so used to seeing people's ashes placed in cardboard boxes that the wooden boxes look very nice to me. Sorry about your dogs.

I use graph paper, sometimes knitting charts, to create a silhouette template, grease pencil or gel pen to outline the template on dark paper and then cut out from the dark paper. Silhouettes are an awesome tribute.

Mia said...

I'm so jealous of your garden!