It started with me leaving the porch door open while I painted..she just sneakily made her way into the house..over the past week. I couldn't have her in the house before, mainly because of Bailey's condition..

And now, just look at her. She spent her first night inside with us last night.


She's a neighborhood cat, who showed up the first day we moved in. She would come around from time to time, but over the past few weeks she is here on my porch everyday. She is very sweet, got along beautifully with Bailey, is not at all food aggressive (not even with Bailey or the family of Raccoons that likes to steal her food), and is very affectionate (like a dog almost). She actually sits in your lap..and goes to sleep. I have never had cats so I don't know if that is normal, but it doesn't seem like normal cat behavior.

I have been wanting to take her into the vet to get checked out, shots etc...but with Bailey's vet bills being very very high, I just kept trying to save some money to put towards the cat's visit. So....it looks like she will be going to the vet in the next week..and I guess we have a new cat.

I really hope she's o.k. health wise, and that there is nothing major going on due to her previous life on the streets (although, I do think she was someone's house cat before and has probably been spayed and had her initial shots).

Her name is Mittens. But changes back and forth to Mittens, Minou, Nu Nu, Nuney...

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