Kitchen Update


A little Kitchen Progress update.

I still haven't put the black edge banding around all the counter tops yet, which is something I was planning on doing to help break up the off-white and the white-so the color shift isn't as obvious. But here is one section that has the black banding so far:


The sink window (still need to clean the paint off the top sash panes) and the light fixture that I really like:


Detail of that light fixture:


A long view of the cabinets/sink area:


So, now here are the things that I will be working on over the next couple weeks:

-The Harvest Gold hood and stove and black oven.
I want to use a High Heat Stove Paint on the hood and stove and then use a laminate type covering for the oven faces. Also, I would love to figure out something for a little backsplash behind the stove:


-Right before I moved in these two light fixtures were put up and the old basic ones were taken down...and I was told I could throw those away (but I didn't).

The new fixtures are such an eyesore to me. I very much dislike them. It doesn't help that the ceiling is stained in both areas around the fixtures too.

I want to paint and rewire the old fixture bases, which are currently harvest gold, and just put them back up. Also, a little Kilz for the ceiling:


These are the old fixtures I want to refurbish and paint:


Back to work for me!

P.S. Do any of you have Kitchen Redo pictures from your own project, especially those done creatively on a tight budget? If so, point me in the right direction...I am itching for some inspiration....


sk8ordiehard said...
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sk8ordiehard said...

My pics are not good. . .but I stripped 5 layers of wallpaper off the walls and put up a very retro wallpaper I bought on eBay. I made cafe curtains out of vintage handkerchiefs. the unpapered parts of the wall are the shade of turquoise from the wallpaper. All in all it's a very vintage kitchen. . .and very much still in progress. here's another image just for kicks

Anonymous said...

My partner and I live in a very old, rented house in Philadelphia which I'm sure at one point had amazing/charming original details. It cracks me up seeing the pictures of those new light fixtures, because there is one almost EXACTLY like a combination of both of them in our dining room and I DETEST it! Why can't they leave things alone and stop assuming they know what people like? (I don't know if it's allowed or not, but it's getting taken down for sure)

- Sarah

Henry said...

Stumbled on your blog after doing an image search for "1950s light fixture". I was trying to find one that looks like this one, that is mounted in an old enclosed porch (with a long history of leaky roofs) attached to my house. Looks pretty close.

Mine's got some rust on the base, but I cleaned up the shade and it looks spiffy. I want to see if I can get the rust off and move it to a more suitable location, like the kitchen. Anyway, I like your kitchen remodel. Gives me hope for mine.