Antique Show + Auctions


Today my daughter and I ventured across the beautiful Atchafalaya Basin to an Antique Show I found in the paper last week.

(This Atchafalaya Basin image is from Wikipedia)

The show wasn't so great, although we did meet some really nice antique dealers, so it was well worth it.

On the way back home we stopped at one antique mall. It was loaded with goodies. I would never feel comfortable enough to photograph inside any of these stores, but this place had a warehouse annex (I love warehouses) that was empty except for us...so, I got a few decent shots, despite the lighting conditions, of some neat finds.

You can see the basic warehouse set up in the mirror..behind me, just things stacked all over the place:


I have been in love lately with very large, ornately framed, hand colored (or subtley colored) photographs of people. I especially adore the oval framed + convex glass portraits.

Also, lately I have become very interested in large 3-D religious objects in low and/or high relief chalkware/plaster, ceramics, and those that are encased in glass with shadow box type frames. And of course, over the top images of various Christian iconography framed and with convex glass is always a favorite.


A few other things that I really liked:

This bar cart and caned seat chair:


This Victorian button tufted powder blue headboard and footboard. I could see it in a bedroom with its opposite components like very clean lines, modern furnishings and decor.


These needle point birds:


And my daughter really really wanted these pink end tables for her bedroom. Had I the room in my car I may have entertained the idea...


I think I may attend an auction in the next few weeks, just to see how they work. They intimidate me a lot, but I suppose I could get over that once I have been to a few. I want to go where the antique dealers go.

As much as I love antique shopping and seeing all the nicer finished things...I really think I might prefer venturing out to back road Louisiana swamp towns that hold estate auctions to find the not so finished quirky things...and then refurbishing them myself.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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