Turtle Visitor

Work was briefly interrupted this morning by an unexpected visitor in our front yard...and to my surprise it was not the usual Red Ear Turtle that needs to go back in the lake behind the house like these guys:

but instead a land turtle, which I am pretty sure is a Gulf Coast Box Turtle. I have been without my Peterson's Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians for a few years now, and at least once a week I am reminded that I should break down and buy a new copy. This is another reminder.

Anyway, he had the prettiest eyes and we moved him to the back where there isn't the danger of moving vehicles...and off he ran into the bamboo forest:


It's neat. In all the years
I caught and "collected" turtles as a kid, I never caught any land turtles in Baton Rouge..only in Mississippi a couple of times (Eastern Box Turtles). So, it was a really nice treat to come across one here after all this time...even now, when I am over 30 years old and probably shouldn't be out playing with turtles, while I should be inside working...

back to work!

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