I am saving up for a new work camera for day-lab.

I don't want an SLR, but something a bit better than a cheaper point and shoot. I do want more consistency with color/image quality and good depth of field capabilities (something I miss from my analog cameras, that I can't seem to get with my cheap little digital).

What kind of camera do you use? pros and cons of that camera?

I have been looking at these 2, and leaning towards the Canon G7. Do you have or know this camera? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences with either:

Nikon Coolpix P5000

Canon PowerShot G7

I would love to hear any recommendations anyone might have too. :)



design that kills said...

i shoot canon slr-
and before that had a canon g5
i totally recommend you go that route...
but yesterday i heard great things about this little gem...
the images are supposed to be v. saturated and beautiful- there is even a flickr pool about them-
Ricoh GX100

design that kills said...


ambroseliao said...

The Canon G7 is a much better choice than the Ricoh. It's much more capable for every day shooting. It has superb handling, very sharp pictures and terrific controls. You can augment the camera with the Canon wide angle and telephoto lens for a 28mm to 420mm combination. You can also augment with high powered Canon flashes that don't displace the viewfinder! :-)

The Nikon P5000 is a nice camera, but is plastic and slow focusing.

I have the G7 and love it to pieces. It's the most capable (use for everything) camera I've ever owned out of the box and can be augmented...

Go for the G7!

moderator of the Canon G7 Yahoo group.

Jessica said...

I got the most amazing camera recently for The Shiny Squirrel. i am in love with it and the pictures are crystal clear.

Panasonic Lumix camer with a leica lens. I can't really express how amazing it is!