Finished Chairs

Over the weekend I worked on getting all 4 or so layers of paint off of the first of the four chairs...worked till it was too dark to work anymore:


The next morning I sanded and cleaned it..painted and re-upholstered the seat. I finished up yesterday:

I really like how it turned out. I wasn't sure about the upholstery, but after looking at a million florals and stripes etc...I decided neutral and solid would be best. I didn't want it competing with any other fabrics/designs in any of the other rooms.

so, there are 3 left. One is obviously in better shape than the others:


I also picked up some square foot tile pieces on sale, to make end tables with. I just couldn't find any tables that I liked enough, or that were affordable and of good quality:


back to work...hope you all had a nice weekend..father's day..etc..

P.S. I should have a pretty large jewelry updates thursday or Friday at www.day-lab.com so be sure to check back!


petya said...

Was it hard to re-upholster the chairs? Did you use glue or an industrial stapler to attach the fabric?

I am loving your entries about your house projects!!!

day-lab Blog said...

hey petya!

i used a staple gun. i just put some batting (for a little cushioning) and then the fabric.. now that i think about it, maybe a little glue would have been a good idea too!
and thanks! i am glad you are enjoying the entries. :)