Bathroom Revamp

Well, it has been awhile since I have been able to devote any time to painting and flooring etc...it's just been a busy summer thus far.

I set aside today though to start back a bit and hopefully almost finish my daughter's bathroom. I made a post with lots of pictures about it in May over HERE.

So, it has this great original Crane sink and tub..there are a few layers of old flooring (nothing beneath can be saved)...and if I could salvage the wallpaper underneath the most recent wallpaper I would:


So, i am replacing the flooring with just a standard black/white b/c the current gold flooring is in very bad condition...and so, I have that to work with, chrome fixtures, and some gold tile in the bathtub area. My first thought was GREEN for the walls...but now...(I am leaning towards a lighter blue maybe), The grays are what the colors will be/are right outside of the bathroom....with white trim etc:


The green in the picture below is the only one that worked well with the gold...and I think the blue works great..better than the green. The 1940's Jadite-like green just seems to work in kitchens for me, so I stayed clear of those..but still I think green just feels kitcheny to me:


A neat resource for me, that I use from time to time, is old ads. This is probably why I have a plethora of old old catalogs and magazines. I like the ads more than the articles.

This is a nice website with a decent collection of ads from 1914 to 1972:


Unrelated..but the baby robins of the second nest are almost ready to go. It makes me sooo nervous when they start to venture out onto that pillar top. They just started that business this morning:




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