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Monday a cement truck knocked my cable line down, which just got restored last night. But, I did manage to get an update done today( just 1 day late)...so make sure to check out the Jewelry and Accessories (fun stuff for summer): www.day-lab.com


It has been busy around here, but I did get to finish staining and sealing the floors in my bedroom this past weekend. So, now I begin to prime and paint the walls and trim this week. walls will be Filtered Shade (a gray basically).

This is what lies ahead and the bed needs to be painted too:

Then there are window treatments, furniture etc to figure out too.

I needed a bookcase really super badly..and there is this mid century house that I have been watching (that I suspect is being flipped) a few neighborhoods over ...well, this week they gutted the bathroom and kitchens and I got what will soon be my bookcase:

This is its proper orientation (it was a built in that hung from the ceiling and one wall and had glass sliding doors):

It tapers towards the bottom:

I plan to flip it over and attach a base to it (heavy wood base with 8" tall legs..or a box base).


Also this weekend I want to get started on one of the bathrooms.

Bad things about this bathroom:

1. Some previous renovation left vinyl that wasn't properly sealed near the tub and it is water damaged (and a not so nice yellow color)..and the current not so lovely wallpaper is covering some really really nice older wallpaper.

I will redo floors with the black and white tile I got on sale for $13.00 (its double the amount I need too):


Good things about this bathroom:

1.It retains its original sink, tub, and toilet (this is a late 20's early 30's house). And not only that--but even better, the sink and toilet are CRANE. Nueday sink and Hanover toilet:

From my Home Builder's Book 1938:

2. It retains its original deco chrome plated door hardware:

3. It retains a most beautiful medicine cabinet with the most amazing etched mirror:


There is gold tile we must keep and work with:

and so I leave you with my inspriation for this bathroom:

Lights from www.rejuvination.com:

And more bathroom images from the my Home Builder's 1938 book...
(mainly color that I am concerned with from these):

I am thinking greens mailly (would look good w/ the gold tile)
like this wallpaper:


Oh...and most importantly...Ryan has just opened www.night-lab.com....do check it out!


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