Bathroom Progress and Valspar


Well, I got about 95% done with the bathroom last night. All that is left is replacing the shoe molds and replacing the soap dish, towel bar, toothbrush holder etc with some chrome pieces.

If this were actually my house I would have loved to have tiled the floor and use tile or wainscoting for the walls etc. But for $20.00 total for the floors and $25.00 for the paint I think it came out fairly decent...and definitely feels better than the previous 1970's/1980's floor and wall job.

The previous floor was so severally damaged b/c whoever the genius was who put it in did not put any caulking between the tub base and the flooring...so moisture got in..over and over again. The images below are with and without caulking before and after:


I have recently fallen in love with Valspar paint. It is wonderful paint. I cover more area with less paint..than when using other brands I have tried. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I am just so impressed with the three colors I have used so far...

Plus they have the Valspar National Trust Collection which "features 250 colors certified by the National Trust, having been developed from samples taken from the Trust's Historic Sites: examples include Woodrow Wilson Presidential Ivory, Lyndhurst Duchess Gold, and Woodlawn Plantation Pear."

The color I used in the bathroom is from the Oatlands Plantation in Virginia.

And..."Valspar also supports preservation by donating a portion of every sale to the National Trust and by supplying paint to Trust Historic Sites and the 12 sites featured in Home and Garden Television's Restore America - A Salute to Preservation to ensure that these historic treasures are protected for a lifetime."

Find out more: National Trust for Historic Preservation


design that kills said...

that looks so great! do you own or rent??? and if you rent the landlord was cool with you putting in new floor/etc? i would LOVE to have black and white tiled floors- where is it from? those are the PERFECT size!

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