Mid Century Built-In, Crazy Week


I wasn't able to post at all last week, it was a hectic one. Dog issues, daughter's extracurricular activities issues, etc etc. I am so happy summer is almost here.

My fabric came in for the SEWING ROOM and I am beyond eager to get those window panels done.

I started to strip the mid century Built-In that I am converting into a bookcase...but didn't get too far.

Here's a visual of the process/progress thus far..

Example of a mid century built-in:


First, after pulling it out of a trash heap in front of a gutted flip house, I hand sawed the old wall attachments off:

Flipped it over....

And the process of stripping:

Part of me wants to strip it down to its original colors of pink and green, and even though it will be imperfect, seal it like that..as is.

I also started the deco chairs:

I am not sure what I will do with these either. I have white vinyl for seating, but I am in love with these combinations of fabric and colors too and might somehow incorporate one of them into the chairs somehow:

oh..I can be so indecisive at times...

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