Linoleum Forever


I recently purchased Linoleum by Jane Powell and finally had some time to read through it earlier this week:

Powell does a nice job of giving a brief history of linoleum. There are loads of interesting little tidbits and the pictures are incredibly beautiful.

It's a shame vinyl took over and was a main factor in linoleum's downfall. It's an extra shame too b/c linoleum is a naturally environmentally friendly product, has naturally antibacterial properties, and is anti-static (doesn't attract dirt or dust!)...whereas vinyl is now thought by many to be potentially hazardous to people's health-it might just be following the same story line of asbestos and lead paint...).

Forbo is a company producing Linoleum today. I would really like to have this in several rooms of my own home one day.

Vintage linoleum can be found at Second Hand Rose in NYC (also great vintage wallpaper can be found there too-including original Frank Lloyd Wright wallpaper!). And...I certainly wish I would have known about this store when I was in NYC a couple months ago.

Yesterday I received the 1931 Congoleum Patterns book I very luckily stumbled upon last week---filled with beautiful patterns of linoleum available that year(and look at that font on the cover!)



Fake wood! I love this so much...


Insets to make unique designs of your own:


Fantastic mats imitating rug designs, stone, tile, and more:


An Armstrong ad from my 1938 Home Builder's Book...this shows an example of the insets and borders in a kitchen of the day:


Back to work for me...
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I don't supposed you'd be willing to sell that book? I am a designer and I am in love with vintage linoleum. I am trying to incorporate it into commercial venues everytime I get a new project. I would love to see this come back on the market.

day-lab Blog said...

which one? the 1931 book? no, i do not sell any of my antique/collected books.

you can find them at auction from time to time though, so perhaps you could access one through that type of venue.