Fireplace/Bedroom Progress

This weekend I finished the entire mantle/fireplace finally. The mosaic stone hearth was the last thing to get done, and the removing of the old peeling and cracking seal took the longest. But, it is done now with a new color and a new seal:

These are just some shots of the before and during:

And after:

The fireplace had been previously closed,so I decided to use the firebox space as a bookcase. All my big heavy bulky books you see to the left will be stored in there once the seal has completely cured.

And I finally found a great deal on a tiled coffee table from the 1960s. It's perfect. The colors...the legs..the image...everything:


This weekend I also tackled my bedroom walls. Today, I have to finish 2 coats on the trim work and doors. There is the metal bed that needs paint too. But I did bring the finished dresser up b/c I was too curious to see how the red and gray would look. I really love the colors together. This is the corner in the room before:


And here is a shot of the same corner with the new gray paint:


Also, today I am going to try to knock out the 1960s-70s renovation paneling in the sewing/dressing room which is right off my bedroom. It needs to be white I think (it's soooo tiny) to brighten it up. Then, perhaps also, it will look like a nice painted wainscotting or something along those lines.

I will actually use this as a sewing/workshop room:


The weekends are way too short.


Jennifer Park said...

wow, your whole fireplace/mantle area is absolutely beautiful... looks very art deco. where'd you find tile like that?

also, i love that dresser, as well as all your little deer knick-knacks. :)

it's all very original and tasteful.


day-lab said...

hey jennifer!
actually, i had never tiled anything so it was just ceramic tile (glazed) that i found at Lowe's hardware, an impulse purchase. I do wish I would have looked online more, b/c since then I have found A LOT of amazing vintage tiles and neat little colored square tiles for mosaics that I love(would be neat to make a surround with those). But, these do the job...I like them. :)

Thanks, Jennifer---I hope you are doing well.