Wings of Hope: Day 1


Today I went to Wings of Hope to volunteer for a few hours.

I cleaned the cages of a Great Horned Owl, Screech Owl, an American Crow, Hawk, and (my favorite) a beautiful Mississippi Kite with a broken wing. Being able to watch Leslie transport them from cage to cage as I cleaned each out, and being able to see these birds that close up, was nothing short of amazing to me.

I also watched a tiny bat eat meal worms, which was pretty wonderful.

And maybe best of all, I got to see my rescued baby raccoons. We rescued the first one from the attic exactly 1 month ago today. Right now they are at their cutest age, in my opinion, and seem to be doing well. They remind me of some weird combination of acrobatic-bears-The-Three-Stooges and were endlessly entertaining to watch as I cleaned their cages.

I can't wait to go back next week.

A short video of the raccoons from today as well as a few of the young birds:

Wings of Hope 06.01.09 from Amy Shutt on Vimeo.

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