The Farm 1985 + 2009


One of my favorite places to go as a kid was to my friend Kristen's family farm in Mississippi. It was acres of cow pastures, forested trails, ponds....through which we would navigate via 3-wheelers, go-kart and mo-ped. There was so much to see and do..so much fun.

I went back to the farm a few weeks ago, with my last visit falling on 22 years ago. Pretty neat how much we can remember, how much can trigger deeply buried memories, and how much seems to stay the same in the subtle changes.

The farm was the first place I attempted sunset, flora, and landscape photographs. We just didn't see sunsets with the tree lined backdrop like that in my suburban neighborhood. I do remember being awestruck at times...seeing these things. It was the place I saw (and photographed badly), for the first time, a Maypop flower, and it wasn't until a few years ago, in my current backyard on the edge of the lake, that I saw another. It was only then that could I finally identify the 'mystery farm flower'.

A couple of my 1985 Kodak Disc Camera Sunset and Landscape photos


Some 05/09 farm landscapes, flora, fauna etc photos :


1985 Kodak Disc Camera photos of Kristen and 3-wheeler/Farm


05/09 Kristen and 4-wheeler:

05/09 Me and 4-wheeler
photo by Kristen Horn:

05/09 farm:


1985 Kodak Disc Camera photos of trophy hallway/Hydrangea near back porch:

05/09 trophy hallway:

05/09 Hydrangea near back porch:
Photo by Kristen Horn:


Me taking pictures at the farm 05/09
Photo by Kristen Horn:


What a nice weekend that was...
I feel quite lucky (and very much grateful) to have been able to revisit that childhood place.
Thank you, Kristen.


bedbyday said...

This was a wonderful entry. I loved seeing the transformation of your art and the lack there of of the farm. I hope it never changes.

Amy said...

Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed looking at the pictures. :)
It was such a nice place to visit (again).