Spring Trouble


Meet Jesse and Edie...

Baby Raccoons May 1, 2009 from Amy Shutt on Vimeo.

We need:
-one more fuzzy slipper for Jesse to cuddle up in.
-a couple more hands to help with the bottle feeding.
-a momma raccoon.



Caroline said...

The cuteness! There must be a good story behind this.

Erin ALPANDINAR said...

dear logan and amy ,
oh my gosh THEY ARE SO SO CUTE !!!!!!1

erin ALPANDINAR said...

dear logan and amy ,
MY MOM EVEN LOOKED SHE SAID THEY ARE CUTE !!!!! i wish i could hold them my mom said THEY ARE CUTE!!!!

Hollie said...

I am sure you have already talked to a vet about your little raccoons, but you want to give them a worm killer (like Revolution) to kill hookworms. Its easy to catch it from them.

I used to work in wildlife rehab and I loved the little raccoon babies!

Daniel said...

TOO TOO TOO CUTE! You have to do a post about how these little things came into your life! Are they yours? Oh, how precious.

Is Edie named after Edie Beale from Grey Gardens? I only thought that because they kept raccoons as pets... maybe it's a leap. Maybe.

day-lab Blog said...

I will post the whole story tomorrow (after I take them to the Wildlife Rehab). I miss them already! And yes, Edie is named after Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens. I'm glad you recognized the reference! :)