Grand Isle #1


I went to Grand Isle, LA this weekend for the Louisiana Ornithological Society Spring meeting (in conjunction with the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival). This trip concludes my Spring migration weekend/day trips of March and April. It was perfect. Now it's time to get settled down once again (and back on track).

Some photographs from Grand Isle, LA..with more on the way soon:

Butterfly Dome

Beach and Marina

Laughing Gull and Brown Pelican

Male and Female Magnificent Frigatebird


Ricky's Motel


Around the Island


The Nature Conservancy's Coastal Live Oak grove (AKA Sureway Woods)


Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Scarlet Tanager

Male Hooded Warbler

Black-necked Stilt

Summer Tanager

Male and Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak pair

Female Hooded Warbler


Kentucky Warbler (AKA The Elvis Warbler)

Great Crested Flycatcher



Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs of beautiful birds. I went, too and was hoping someone would do this. Thanks. I'm looking forward to more.

Hollie said...

So have you made a life list yet? I fond it the most amusing part of bird watching - when people sit around and compare their lists (and yes, I have one)