Winged Migration


This weekend in Natchez Ron was telling me about this documentary that he really enjoyed and thought I would really enjoy as well. He couldn't say enough about how amazing the photography in the movie was (mainly due to the angles they get...so close to the birds in all these foreign lands as they follow them through their migration over 7 continents. It puts you in the bird's point of view. Filming lasted 5 years).
The trailer makes it look like a pretty phenomenal film:

Winged Migration

The Winged Migration website is HERE
I must see this soon...
EDIT: I just bought this for $10 and paid $10 for overnight shipping.
It will here tomorrow. yay.
Happy Birthday to me.



Hollie said...

It is good, I saw it a few years ago and how they made the film is even more amazing.

Another good movie to rent is called David Attenborough in Paradise, its a set of different documentaries he had done over his career, his career alone is amazing

day-lab Blog said...

I am very excited to that Winged Migration tonight.
And yes, I actually just found a bunch of David Attenborough documentaries last night! :)
I have a fairly long list of the ones I want to see sitting next to me.