Saturday Update..


  • Yesterday I was just heading inside from the backyard, reached the porch then turned to say hi to Dorian and noticed movement coming towards me. Flying very low straight from the lake, then swooping under a tree branch that hangs right above my swing and higher again right back up over the feeder station and the roof, was a huge Bald Eagle clutching what looked like a fish in his talons. At first I thought it was a vulture, till I noticed the markings. I ran to the front door to see him fly overhead from the front yard. Opening the door I noticed a neighbor and two runners, all looking up and I think we all said at almost the same time, "Did you see that Eagle?". It was very peculiar...the whole incident. This is the second Bald Eagle I have seen in the past 4 weeks.

  • The day before yesterday I watched two Cooper's Hawks chase each other from tree to tree, then over the lake till they disappeared behind building tops.

  • Last week there was an influx of Terns and Gulls overhead.

  • The Kingfisher still makes his visit to the lake everyday at dusk and he rattles loudly while fishing till the sun goes down.

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  • The first of the three test books came in.

  • The colors are pretty close to exact and I am happy with that.
    This is a softcover (and the cropping was too close on it), but I do have an edited softcover and a hard back on the way.


  • I also got back some more test prints.
    The hues are so close to what I see on my screen it's almost like I had it calibrated. Even in different sizes, the images were consistent.

  • I tried different lightness/darkness/saturation/hue levels (even some monochrome tints) etc and they all still came out almost exact, which is great.

  • Today in the yard there was a Crocus and a few Muscari blooming..

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  • Today we started packing up my things from the attic at my parents. They are moving in a couple of weeks. We found the Beta machine and a million Beta movies (good ones too), 120 Minutes (my old favorite MTV show) taped VHS tapes from the 1980s, more albums, my old Edie Brickell and Depeche Mode shirts from the 80s, all my yearbooks from grade 1 to 8, hundreds of cassette tapes (half being The Cure)..and the list goes on and on....

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    Amy said...

    It's all so beautiful!

    Stacey said...

    Hi Amy,

    Seeing an eagle with a fish in it's talons is said to be very good luck!

    day-lab Blog said...


    Well, I certainly hope so! :)

    Shay said...

    It's 3 degrees here. You have muscarii blooming already there.

    Life is so not fair.