Photography, Inventory, Updates...


This week...

  • I pulled a muscle in my back again (third time in 3 months)! And I was just reaching for a box on a shelf. I've been slow and whiny for the past few days.
  • Started day-lab inventory and hope to have a new update by Monday.
  • Started getting notes and files and ideas together for the new photo site to send to Melissa by Sunday/Monday.
  • Fixed my broken dishwasher, disposal, and car (saving myself a million dollars).
  • Sent test book out for printing (and more files for test prints).
  • Started laying out new book ideas...one has to do with polaroids and one has to do with other people's old old photographs.
  • Bought 1 color pack and 1 b&w pack of peel apart film for my propack polaroid (and was sad to see they stopped making square format 88).
  • Booked a flight to Las Vegas to attend a photography convention/tradeshow in February with Miss Emily Porter.

  • The cover and a few image spreads from the test book..


    Next week: taxes.

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