Past Week Photographs


More Pelicans have been on the lake this week..


Hyacinth, Grand Primo, Camellia, Pearl and more Crocus are blooming..


This weekend for the Kids Who Bird Club we went to the Sherburne South Farm Wildlife Management/Wetland Development Area, which is in Iberville Parish on the eastern edge of the Atchafalaya Basin between Krotz Springs and Ramah. We were going to see an eagle's nest Jane found last week, but also to walk through the area and see what else we could find.

Eagle nest at a distance (it was so huge):

Super blown up detail (not the best, but you can see the Eagle):

From the levee:


Coots on the marsh:


Trees full of Ibises..

To see it larger click here

Baby Cows:

Yellowtop (Senecio glabellus):


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