Gray's Bag Game, Natchez, The Forest


I'm going to Natchez this weekend and got a last minute idea to look into The Magnolia Trail at St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Might try to fit an hour or two of photo/birding things in there if possible. While I was searching for info I came across this other place that I have been wanting to stay at for about 8 years now. I swear just about every year I stumble across info about it, then vow to go....but haven't yet.

It's called The Forest Retreat at the Homochitto National Forest and I remember once reading somewhere that it's a 30min. to an hour hike through the woods to get to the cabin.
Some pictures from the website:

I wanna go...

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Reese said...

Gray is so cute!
My cat also loves it when I pretend I cannot find her.