Dorian and Farrah Home...


-Yesterday the vet office called me at noon to tell me they wouldn't be able to spay Farrah b/c they couldn't get her out of the crate. They said it was too big and she was too aggressive. So I am suppose reschedule for next week and bring her in a smaller crate. I picked them both up at 1:30 p.m. Dorian was disoriented and woozy from the medication, but seemed alright. He was back to his normal self by 6 p.m.

-The vet did notch Dorian's ear after I wrote on the form (NO NOTCHING).
He looks like he got in a massive fight and had part of his ear bit off.
Farrah's keeping her distance and won't look at me, but she's in the yard. i think she will be over it by next week.

A few links:
-Greg Lavaty's PBase Gallery has great bird photos, beautiful as well as a great reference (and a huge 600 mm lens so he gets very close/detailed photos): GALLERY

-Ronnie Gaubert's PBase Gallery has a really beautiful sets of Louisiana nature/bird/animal etc photos too: GALLERY

-Very neat Interactive Migration Map:HERE

-Adopt a Boreal Bird: HERE(I would like a yellow rumped warbler and sapsucker.)

-Back to work, so much catch up to do since yesterday was very interrupted.


Diane said...

Too bad they didn't have a tranquilizer gun for Farrah.

Poor cats... they have no idea this is for their own good.

day-lab Blog said...

I know..I was REALLY bummed about Farrah b/c it took 3 months of unsuccessful attempts to finally get her in there and then...they told me they couldn't do it. :(


Christi said...

What is the purpose of notching the cat's ear?

day-lab Blog said...


Ear Notching: it's part of the feral program-you can choose to have the ear notched(which tells other cat haven people and/or animal control that this is a cat that has been through the program and he is fixed and is a member of a feral colony(my house). That is fine as far as big colonies go and maybe even for Farrah, but he's a baby and partially socialized so i didn't think it was necessary since he could maybe end up being someone's cat one day if he continues getting comfortable with people contact.