The Little Packaging Corner....


I've been busy busy with holiday orders since last week.

Today I realized this is the most efficient and organized I have ever been with day-lab during the holidays (which feels terrific) and I am not even done overhauling the day-lab room yet. This is probably due to a few things, but mostly I think it has to do with all the prep work I did for painting the room. I had to throw out or box up so much (that was just taking up space) and through that process I organized stock without really realizing it.

So far I have finished painting. Last week I bought uniform white (heavy duty corrugated cardboard) boxes for stock from BCW Supplies and found 2 inexpensive but sturdy shelving units (at the hardware store) that will house these perfectly.

I got 2 different box sizes to start with (50 total):

Comic book size:

Post card size:

And this is the shelving unit(I will get 2 to start with):


After painting I finally decided to set up a little packaging corner which has a packaging table, a pegboard, a smaller shelf with things I need while packaging etc..... and I should have done this years ago. I am not done with yet, but even now with the temp set up it is so much easier this way (everything I need is within arm's reach and my back doesn't hurt after a few hours of work).

A shot of the packaging corner in progress and the new paint (the gray color I love that is also in my bedroom, which you can see probably better HERE).


It's amazing really what just these few changes have done.

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