My Bedroom: Finished


My bedroom is done.
It has been 1 year since I started on it from scratch.

To refresh your memory, the BEFORE picture.
This is what I began with:


The After pictures below go clockwise around the room, starting at the bed.

-I still need something up at the top, but after rearranging the wall above my bed about 30 times, I will stick with this I think.

-1920s and 1930s sheet music, that I framed
-1911 Coles Phillips Hoot Mon Litho Book Plate, framed
-A for me and L for my daughter
-Some of my 1939 NY World's Fair postcards (I collect 1939 NYC World's Fair items)
-Howdy Dowdy Chalkware plaque (circa 1940s-50s)
-White metal IKEA side table
-1950s blonde veneer top hairpin leg side table

An older but better shot of the bed (Painted IKEA frame)
and the bedspread (Chinoiserie by Dwell)


-1950s reprint of Gould's Parakeets
-Audubon Painted Bunting (my favorite bird) Book Plate, framed
-1930s Louisiana mini postcard
-1930s Cottage Plantation in Baton Rouge (F Conrad) postcard
-Vintage black bird


WALL 2 (cont), WALL 3
-1930s burl veneer vanity, marked Made in Czechoslovakia
-Two old (date unknown) bird book plates in original late 1920's-early 1930s frames.
-1968 Pair of Miller Studios Chalkware crested bird plaques
-1970s embroidered floral piece, in original frame


WALL 3 cont.
-IKEA drapes, storage boxes, and table
-1940s lamp with Fine China base and original shade
-Vintage Royal Copley Deer and Fawn Vase


Corner of WALL 3 and WALL 4
-Refurbished 1970 chair in Marimekko's Tuuli fabric
-1960s wall hangings


-Refurbished shelf (rescued from a gutted 1930s cottage)
-Deer, deer, deer, vases, vases, vases
-Childhood portrait of my Dad (my favorite person)
-1939 NY World's Fair Postcard
-Old Richardson Wright books
-Under shelf: IKEA storage boxes


Cleo on her perch (which is my nightstand).
She loves this spot:


It's so nice to have a bedroom that finally feels lived in and functional.


Frances said...

Amy, I love the wall with your bed - the spacing and placement of all the frames is perfect!

Jessica said...

oh my god i am jealous of this room - the walls are beautiful and everything you have is sooo cute and fits together so well.

petya said...

you've done an amazing job with this room and your house!!!

paula said...

I realize that this is an old post, but I just came across it and wanted to say...this looks amazing!!

We will be moving soon and will have a really teensy re-decorating budget, so I am so inspired by all of the things that you have done with paint and thrifting finds. I hope I can make our new bedroom look half as nice as yours!

Emily said...

So gorgeous! I have the same bed, and I am desperately trying to find out what it's called (I bought it second hand, but I know it's from IKEA). Does anyone know? Amy?

day-lab Blog said...

It's old and discontinued...can't remeber the name.
Maybe if you find an old 1990s IKEA catalog you could locate the name?


Emily said...

Thanks Amy! I didn't even have an idea of when it was manufactured.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Again I know this is incredibly old but I came across your post - could I ask what the name of the paint you used is? I really like it.

T said...

To Emily,

In case you never found out and one day come across this post again, the bed is called "Logga".

Maggie said...


I am trying to paint a similar bed (ikea powder coated steel bed) but can't get the paint to stick, even after sanding and priming. Any ideas?


day-lab Blog said...

you might try Oil Paint.
hope it works out!

Amanda said...

You did a really beautiful job on your room. The colours and decorations are very pretty. I will be painting my LOGGA bed soon. Wish me luck!

day-lab Blog said...

Thanks, Amanda. :) And good luck!